May 12 • 26M

From the Kitchen Podcast: Abi Balingit

Talking with the author of 'MAYUMU: Filipino American Desserts Remixed.'

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Alicia Kennedy
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In the first edition of the From the Kitchen Podcast, I talk to Abi Balingit, author of Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed, about how she got into desserts, moving from the Bay Area to New York City, and the uniqueness of her neon cookbook in a sea of beige sweets.

Significant Moments
01:00: I ask Abi about where she grew up and what she ate, and she talks about a multigenerational household and the ubiquity of adobo in her home.

05:00: Abi talks about working full-time and writing 75 recipes for her cookbook.

07:00: How the limited space of a New York City apartment with roommates influenced the way she wrote her recipes.

11:00: The use of color in Abi’s cookbook and her style in general.

13:35: Talking about cold desserts that aren’t baked and the use of agar-agar in Southeast Asian desserts, which influences my own tropical sweets in Puerto Rico.

17:00: The move from West Coast to East Coast and how this has changed the way she cooks because of ingredient access.

21:00: Talking about the process of developing the adobo chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been the breakout success of the cookbook.

23:30: How the restraints of baking are a place of freedom.

25:00: Is cooking a political act?

Next month’s cookbook conversation will feature Melissa McCart and Rick Easton to discuss Bread and How to Eat Ita bread book that is decidedly not about baking bread, a subversive turn that I’m very obsessed with.

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