I loved the conversation on the practicalities of space and place (and not bothering roommates) as being something that can inspire new ideas rather than only causing headache and constraint.

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May 13, 2023Liked by Alicia Kennedy

I cannot wait to find the time to listen to this! My GF’s parents and brother arrived today in advance of tomorrow’s graduation ceremony, wherein she will receive her PhD diploma. Her mother is a highly anxious person, and therefore we are all now very anxious. But tonight, I was the plus one to the post doc graduate dinner, which involved an unexpected amount of listening - every new doctor was introduced by their advisor, and allowed an individually brief but communally long time to speak. I was fascinated by several theses: some exploring African-American and Latinx experiences in K-12, the trials of women in supervisor roles in schools, 3-D bacterial imaging, manipulative language in Middle English Romance writing and, perhaps most intriguing, money as communication by a theology doctor. Much food for thought, ironic in an otherwise classic rubber chicken banquet!

Anyway, very much looking forward to hearing this podcast. I saw the book not long ago on a disciplined run for another title. Knew I’d have to go back for it; now I have extra motivation!

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Congratulations to your girlfriend!!! That sounds quite fun and fascinating.

Hope you enjoy the interview-getting my sea legs back!

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