A Conversation with Millicent SourisListen now (62 min) | Talking to the writer and chef who now manages a large food pantry and soup kitchen about enacting one's politics.
A Conversation with Andrea HernandezListen now (47 min) | Talking to the writer, designer, and brand wizard behind Snaxshot.
A Conversation with Angela GarbesListen now (50 min) | Talking to the author of the new book 'Essential Labor: Mothering As Social Change' about breastfeeding, food writing, and care.

April 2022

A Conversation with Jami AttenbergListen now (34 min) | Talking to the author about her recent memoir, 'I Came All This Way to Meet You.'
A Conversation with Daniela GalarzaListen now | Talking to the Washington Post 'Eat Voraciously' newsletter writer and former pastry chef.
A Conversation with Robert SimonsonListen now (27 min) | Talking to the author and New York Times cocktail columnist about the past and future of drinking, as well as his newsletter, The…

March 2022

A Conversation with LinYee YuanListen now (43 min) | Talking to the MOLD founder and co-editor about the future of food and food media.
A Conversation with Eric KimListen now | Talking to the author of 'Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home.'
A Conversation with Sandor KatzListen now | This week, I'm talking to Sandor Katz, whom you likely know from his books Wild Fermentation, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, The…
A Conversation with Sarah LohmanListen now (55 min) | Talking about the parameters of "American food" with the author of 'Eight Flavors.'
A Conversation with Kristina ChoListen now | Talking to the author of 'Mooncakes and Milk Bread' about recipe writing and Chinatowns.

February 2022

A Conversation with Jenny DorseyListen now | Talking to the writer, chef, and founder of the Studio ATAO think tank about representation and how far food media still needs to go to be…