You should read Linea nigra by Jazmina Barrera (she's married to Zambra). I think you'd like it and she also references him texting her when on mushrooms lmao.

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Mar 8, 2022Liked by Alicia Kennedy

I really loved this essay. On Salt was a transformational piece for me. It illuminated a dark corner of an industry/ingredient that we all engage with on a daily basis. We could frame the issue as, are you a corporate salt consumer or a consumer of salt with a more ethical arrangement. But we dont, and as you say, labeling may not be a useful tool for a number of reasons. This essay made me circle back to your previous one on the role of a writer, to make people think differently. I think reading and reflecting on the work of writers who are doing this is, for me personally, such an important part of being curious about and exploring the limits I have around food and ingredients. I had switched to buying and using more ethical spices some time ago, thanks to so much dialogue about this in food media and so much more accessibility within the past couple of years. The dominant narrative around salt seems so far behind, but your essay was a tipping point for me.

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