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Thank you for asking some of these hard questions and for sharing so openly and honestly. I struggle off and on with a lot of the same issues you do, which promptly rose to the surface with the onset of the pandemic. It's an isolating enough experience to struggle with these issues without the added layer of stigma and shame society applies to them. And, as you mention, it can be an especially confusing experience when your main ouevre is food.

Unhealthy and compulsive patterns around any substance are, to me, a symptom of a spiritual affliction. While some of this does have personal roots, I appreciate you pointing out that it's not all on the individual — that the society an individual operates within bears a significant amount of the blame, yet constantly dodges responsibility. We live in a capitalist culture fueled by the concept of endless consumption, then act like it's an aberration when our citizens have trouble managing their intake in a healthy way. The culture and society is spiritually sick, too, and more rules and restrictions around consumption hardly seems like the cure. Let's have these hard conversations.

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