Hello. Meant to let you know that the carrot-ginger cake was a hit with my family on Thanksgiving. Thank you.

"I don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good because what often gets me to finally finish a thought is seeing how people respond" was a line that stood out for me today. I have struggled in the past few months since starting my own writing project (with burnout at the job I'm leaving at the end of the year and with what I'm hoping to convey). Maybe being held up by the perfect. Your line helps me clarify. Happy holidays.

I'm looking forward to the cookie recipe...

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Dec 12, 2022Liked by Alicia Kennedy

Always a good read and one of a handful of Substack emails that are truly not like anything else.

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So happy to hear the cake was a hit!

And yes, it’s so important to know when the moment is to let go and bring in more thoughts. Happy holidays!

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