From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy Podcast

A weekly food and culture podcast from writer Alicia Kennedy, who talks to writers, chefs, and more about their lives, careers, and how food fits into it all.

A Conversation with Nigella LawsonListen now (54 min) | Listen now | Talking to the cookbook author and TV show host about her upbringing, creativity, and being generous on social media…
A Conversation with Millicent SourisListen now (62 min) | Talking to the writer and chef who now manages a large food pantry and soup kitchen about enacting one's politics.
A Conversation with Andrea HernandezListen now (47 min) | Talking to the writer, designer, and brand wizard behind Snaxshot.
A Conversation with Angela GarbesListen now (50 min) | Talking to the author of the new book 'Essential Labor: Mothering As Social Change' about breastfeeding, food writing, and care.
A Conversation with Jami AttenbergListen now (34 min) | Talking to the author about her recent memoir, 'I Came All This Way to Meet You.'
A Conversation with Daniela GalarzaListen now | Talking to the Washington Post 'Eat Voraciously' newsletter writer and former pastry chef.
A Conversation with Robert SimonsonListen now (27 min) | Talking to the author and New York Times cocktail columnist about the past and future of drinking, as well as his newsletter, The…
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